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Contact Request Form

Use the Contact Request Form to easily collect contact info from friends and family.

Use the Contact Request Form feature to send out a secure link to family, friends, or pretty much whomever. They click the link, fill out the simple form, and voila! Your address book gets populated with up-to-date contact info.


connect to select contacts to receive instant updates when they change their information.

Getting someone to fill out your address book for you is great. But you know what is even better? Having your address book be instantly updated when one of your contacts changes their contact info. That is where ‘connecting’ comes in. Unlike a social network, when you ‘connect’ on conXt you are merely agreeing to share either you work info, your personal info, or both with the person you are connecting with. You see their updates, and they see yours.

Organize with Tags

Organize your contacts with easy to use tags

By tagging some (or all) of your contacts with personally meaningful tags you can really begin to manage your contacts effectively. Add tags for groups you belong to, family members (in-laws?), brides maids, poker buddies, PTA groups, classmates, whatthehellever. Then, just click on the tag filter and you will only see the contacts that bear that tag. At that point you can export them, email them, send ‘em a holiday card, send out a Connection Request, etc.

Removes Duplicate Data

Easily remove duplicate contacts with the merge tool

The last thing you need is another address book cluttered with incorrect, out of date, missing, and duplicate data. Conxt contains state-of-the-art auto-merge and manual merge tools. Auto-merge will catch around 80% of your duplicates (name and email must be an exact match in order to merge), while manual merge will let you easily merge 2 or more contacts into one. No data is lost during his merge and only duplicate data is removed.

Get Directions

your address book integrates with google maps

Any addresses that are stored in your address book are integrated with Google Maps. Print out directions ahead of time, or access conXt on your smartphone and load up Google Maps GPS. Personally, I use this all the time to get to my kid’s playdates!

Import Existing Contacts

Import your contacts from many existing platforms

conXt is not the fist address book you’ve ever tried, but we do hope it will be the last! Import your existing contacts automatically from several platforms, or upload a ‘.csv’ file (from windows) or a .vcard (from macs) in order to initially populate your address book.

Export Contacts

export all or just a subset of your contacts into a csv file

conXt makes sharing, or backing up, contacts easy by allowing you to export all, or just subsets, of your contacts. Download an industry-standard .csv file and then import that wherever you might need it.

Print Mailing Labels

print mailing labels or simply lists of your contacts

What’s the use of an address book if you can’t print mailing labels? Choose from either a 2 or 3 column Avery label layout and make sending your mail a breeze.

Send Emails

Send emails directly from your online address book

Now you can send emails directly from the address book interface – and choose which of your own email addresses it should come from! Replies will go to whichever email address you sent it from. This is a great way to initiate communication with a group of people or click on a single email address to send an email to one person.