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Eric Greenberg

Eric has over 12 years of IT experience ranging from code-level application development to enterprise-level project management in industries as diverse as eLearning, higher education, and manufacturing. He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of CDMSTech, a software consulting company which also produced ClearPath LCMS, a turn-key eLearning software package. Eric holds a degree in Anthropology from Rutgers University.

Dan Greenberg

Dan previously worked at the management consultancy The Lucas Group, where his clients ranged from start-ups in peer to peer lending to $20 BN companies. As an MBA Intern, Dan worked closely with the CEO and CFO of Rivian Automotive on near-term operations like cash flow management and fundraising, and long-term strategic questions. Dan has an undergraduate degree from Brown University and is currently in his final year at Harvard Business School’s MBA program.