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Sync Your conXt Contacts With Your iPhone!

Sync Your conXt Contacts With Your iPhone!

Using only conXt, your iPhone, and Gmail

The most requested update we get is for the ability to sync your conXt address book and contacts with your smartphone. conXt’s public contact link and contact info request features are great for restoring your contacts if you’ve lost your phone or deleted your contacts by mistake. While true sync will have to wait until we roll out our mobile app, this is a quick, step-by-step guide to import your conXt contacts onto your iPhone using nothing but conXt, Gmail, and your iPhone!

First, log into your conXt account, select the tags you want to export and checkbox the contacts. Under more, scroll down to export:Export Contacts from conXt

In the export window that appears, select Gmail format and click Export:Export conXt contacts in Gmail FormatSave the ‘contacts’ file to your desktop, but don’t open it as it needs to remain in the .CSV format.

For this next step, we recommend creating a new, fresh Gmail account. Otherwise, syncing your contacts with Gmail may result in you importing a bunch of contact info for people you’ve only ever emailed once. Inside Gmail, open up your contacts window by clicking on the red Gmail button in the upper left part of the screen and clicking ‘Contacts‘:

Gmail contacts drop downInside the Gmail contacts window, select the more button, and click ‘Import

Import conXt contacts into GmailIn the window that appears, select the conXt contacts file you’ve saved to your desktop, and click Import:

Complete Contacts in GmailYou should now have a Gmail contacts list that looks like this, with full contact info for all your contacts:

Complete Gmail Contacts ListIf you do, congrats, you’ve done everything right so far! You’re now ready to put these contacts on your iPhone. We’ll give you a pretty comprehensive overview here, but you can also get it straight from the source over at Google Sync. Power it up and open up your iPhone Settings. Scroll down to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars‘ and click:

iPhone Mail, Contacts, CalendarsYour screen will look a bit different depending on what accounts you already have linked on your iPhone. But click the ‘Add Account’ button at the bottom of the screen listing your currently synced accounts:

Add new iPhone email accountOn the screen that appears, DO NOT click Gmail. Doing so will sync your email account, but not your contacts. Instead, click ‘Microsoft Exchange

Add Exchange AccountOn the screen that appears, enter your username and password for the Gmail account where you have stored your conXt contact information and hit Next.

Exchange Intro ScreenOn the next screen, enter ‘m.google.com‘ in the Server field, and then the same username and password you entered on the previous screen. Click ‘Next’.

Google Mail ServerIf you’re using a fresh Gmail account just for your Contacts, swipe everything but ‘Contacts’ to ‘off’. If you’re using your regular Gmail account and want to sync everything, swipe it all to ‘On’.

Sync Contacts on iPhoneClick ‘Save’ and you’re done! Your conXt contacts should now be imported into the native contacts app on your iPhone!

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