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How to Share Contacts from conXt

I was recently asked how to share contacts withing conXt with other family members seeing as conXt bills itself (among other things) as a ‘family’ address book. So, I thought I would share how my family did it, what some other options will be coming down the pipeline, and also ask you for other ways that you might want to share your contact’s info with other people.

One thing to remember about sharing is that privacy is very important to the concept of conXt so we don’t do things like make all of your contacts’ information available to other people you are ‘connected’ with because, in my opinion, that would be violating your contact’s privacy.  If you have other thoughts on that, please let me know in the comments.

How the Greenbergs Saved Christmas (or, How I Collected My Family Member’s Contact Info Into One Master List and Then Shared it with All of My Extended Family)

Quick Summary: import emails addresses for family members, tag those contacts as ‘family’, send a contact request form to those family members so they can provide you with an address, export the contacts that are tagged ‘family’ as a .csv file, and then email those family members from conXt, attaching the .csv file.

Now here is the step-by-step version: 

  1. I imported or added at least an email address for all of my extended family members (and my wife’s).
  2. Using the ‘tag’ button I tagged all of my family members as ‘Entire Huge Family’

    Tagging Multiple Contacts

    Tagging Multiple Contacts at One Time


  3. I then clicked the tag ‘Entire Huge Family’ in the ‘filter tags:’ dropdown at the top of the page in order to filter the list to show only contacts tagged ‘Entire Huge Family’.

    Filter your contacts using tags.

    Filter your contacts using tags.


    List of contacts shows only the people with the correct tag

  4. Then I hovered over the ‘more’ button (above the list of contacts) and chose ‘send contact information request’ so that each family member received an email with a link to a form to fill out. When they filled out the form, my address book was updated.

    Easily collect your contact's info with the Contact Request Form

    Easily collect your contact's info with the Contact Request Form


  5. Once I had collected address from everyone (or added them myself), I need to export them in order to provide them to everyone else. This was easy. Just filter the list again to show ‘Entire Huge Family’, hover over ‘more’ and choose ‘export contacts’ in order to generated a .csv file that only contains the contacts tagged ‘Entire Huge Family’.

    Export all, or just some, of your contacts with conXt

    Export all, or just some, of your contacts with conXt


  6. Now I needed to send it to everyone. So, keeping the list filtered, check the ‘select all’ checkbox above the list of contacts in order to select them all, hover over ‘more’ and choose ‘send email’. This opens up the email editor with all people tagged ‘Entire Huge Family’ pre-selected. Choose to attach the .csv file you generated and send the email. All from inside conXt.

    Send an email from conXt and attached the exported list of contacts.

    Send an email from conXt and attached the exported list of contacts.


So, that brings us to the end of the first way to share contacts with family members (or whomever).

Share your Address Book

The next way, a way which is being developed at the moment, is to share your address book with someone else (or many someone else’s).  Soon you will be able to, using an email address, share a ‘read-only’ or ‘edit’ version of your address book with someone else.  This might be better for immediate families, rather than extended, but we’ll see how it goes.

Connect Directly with Your Family Members

Of course, the best way to exchange current contact info with your family members is to convince them to join conXt and then connect to them!

And now to you: are there other ways that would be convenient to share your contacts information with other family members?  Please use the comments section so that we can talk about them.



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