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White Pages Mailer Will Sell Your Friends’ Contact Information

Do your friends and family a favor – don’t use White Pages Mailer. Not for holiday cards, not for weddings, not for anything. They’ll take your family’s and friends’ contact information and turn around and sell it.

White Pages promises to help you get your friends’ and family’s addresses, but when you do so (by connecting your Facebook account and asking your friends’ to verify their addresses), White Pages incorporates that personal info into their public database and sells it. I searched the privacy policy on Mailer which is found in tiny type at the bottom of the screen:

White Pages Mailer Privacy Button

I want to make sure that you’re aware of some key clauses in White Pages’ Data Policy. Here’s my understanding of them:

  1. “We collect information that (i) you provide to us or authorize us to collect from your social media account(s)” Every time you import your friends into White Pages Mailer from Facebook, every time you ask them to verify their address, you’re generating personal and private data that you have authorized White Pages to collect.
  2. “We use information to … verify public information and information obtained from other sources”Basically, every time you use White Pages you’re helping them improve their own overarching database of personal contact information.
  3. “We provide access to information to our business users” White Pages then turns around and sells this database of your friends’ and family members’ personal contact information to businesses. What kind of businesses? White Pages suggests customer support centers and corporate fraud departments – but debt collectors, marketers, and other unsavory characters also want this information, and your friends and family won’t thank you for giving it to them.
  4. “The listing appears within your account on Mailer and on WhitePages.com”. That’s right, when you import addresses or ask your friends to verify or update theirs, you’re actually adding their addresses to WhitePages. I doubt they’ll thank you for it, I wouldn’t!
  5. “In order to stop further collection of information by us, you will need to stop using our products and services.” Better yet, don’t ever even start. If you have started using White Pages Mailer, stop.

I’m a co-founder of a free online address book company, that’s obvious. But one of the reasons my brother and I are passionate about conXt is because we want to provide a safe, secure, and private online space that helps you keep in touch with friends and family and takes the work out of managing an online address book – free from these flagrant violations of privacy. White Pages Mailer is none of these things. I’m not telling you to use conXt, but I am asking you not to use White Pages Mailer.

If you have any questions about conXt’s privacy policy, it’s right here, or read the condensed version in our FAQs or feel free to email me at dan@conxt.com

Don't Use White Pages Mailer

Don't Use White Pages Mailer


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