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Why is it so hard to get wedding addresses for your invitations? Top 4 Reasons and Solutions!

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows how frustrating getting wedding addresses for your save-the-dates and invitations can be. One estimate has brides spending 10-15 hours just getting wedding addresses, to say nothing of the fun parts such as designing the invitations, choosing envelopes, etc.
If you find getting wedding addresses difficult, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, 30% of Americans report that they find it difficult to keep current contact info. But why is it so difficult to get wedding addresses? Through our focus groups, we’ve identified what we believe to be the top four reasons:

  1. Just like you, your friends are busy. Your friends meant to reply to you, they really did, but then they got an email from their boss, or a call from Mom, and they forgot about it as their inbox filled with other messages. Plan to follow-up with your friends, and you won’t feel so bad when you actually have to do it! Just an FYI, conXt makes getting wedding addresses easy through the one-click follow-up feature where you can track who hasn’t responded to your request for wedding addresses and ask them again with one click!
  2. Your friends don’t realize you’re on a schedule. Of course you know that you need to get all your wedding addresses at least 8 weeks before your wedding, but your guests don’t necessarily realize you have a deadline. If your target date is on the earlier side, your guests likely don’t even realize that you need their addresses soon and how important this is to you. Don’t be afraid to let your contacts know what your deadline is!
  3. Your friends are trying to figure out where they’ll be living before they reply. This one is easy to understand and sympathize with. Especially for young couples, we move around so often that we may need to lock down new addresses before we can tell you where we can receive an invitation that may not arrive for a couple of months. In this case, it’s best to wait – but you can ask your guests to let you know when they find a new home, put it on your calendar to follow up with them down the road, ask them to set up mail forwarding from their current address, or find a way that allows them to share their address with you real-time (Hint: see ‘How does connecting work?’ in conXt’s FAQs).
  4. It’s not your friends, it’s you! This is one we were surprised by, but it’s true. Many times, we combine a request for wedding addresses with something else, like a catch-up email or a save-the-date. A recent save-the-date I received asked me to confirm my attendance online. I did, and I completely missed the part of the email that asked me to also reply with my mailing address. One month later, I received an angry message from the bride! If you’re asking the person on the other end of your email to do something, make it clear, and even better – as many email marketers will tell you – try to include only one ‘call-to-action’ per email.

Want to make wedding address collecting even easier? I’ve put together four more tips to make your wedding invitations a breeze:

  1. Use the holiday cards and wedding invitations you already have. If you still have the holiday cards and wedding invites you received last year, be sure to copy down the return address labels. Now you have a head-start!
  2. Share the work. If your wedding guest list overlaps significantly with other people’s, like a sister or brother who married recently, ask them for their addresses. Or, if you have close friends getting married, see what guests you have in common and split the work up. My brother and I do this for holiday cards through conXt, for our extended family, and it’s a real time-saver.
  3. Fire on all fronts. Everyone responds differently to different forms of media. Take your request for addresses and put it in emails and texts, post it on Facebook and Twitter, and call your contacts too! conXt makes getting wedding addresses from anywhere super easy through our contact request link.
  4. Go Digital. There’s a lot of free services out there, don’t be afraid to use them! At its simplest, just create a Google form and send it to your friends. Or, go the whole distance and use conXt for your wedding addresses. conXt is designed as a household address book, and gives you a personalized weblink that helps you get addresses through email, text, Facebook, and Twitter, enables you to easily follow-up with people whose addresses you’re still missing, and allows you to connect with those closest to you so you have their most up-to-date contact info next year as well. Plus, you can easily create groups (e.g. bridesmaids, family, general wedding guests) to email or text on the go from our mobile app, so you can coordinate with exactly who you need to, anytime and anywhere!


While sending physical wedding save-the-dates and invitations can seem like a lot of work, don’t forget the joy that they can bring. I tack every one I receive up on my fridge, and they’re a constant source of delight throughout the year.

Do you have any stories to add about your guests not getting you their addresses? Let us know in the comments section :)

By daniel greenberg
co-founder, conXt

Note: This post is based on one we did for holiday cards that we published on The Huffington Post called 4 Better Ways to Get Addresses for Holiday Cards

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