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Should you send holiday cards this year? Some industry facts might help!

It’s October again, which means in addition to jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkin pie, my friends have also started asking me whether or not they should send holiday cards this year, and if so, when should they send them? Being in the industry, I find it’s helpful to look at what everyone else is doing!

First, greeting card sending is more widespread than pretty much everyone thinks it is. According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA), 7 billion greeting cards (holiday cards, birthday cards, etc.) are sent every year in the US. And before you jump on the e-card bandwagon, only about 500 million e-cards are sent each year, worldwide!

So physical greeting cards are still our preferred expression of well-wishes, and indeed nine out of ten US households buy greeting cards, with the average household buying 30 cards per year.

Regarding the holidays specifically, according to the GCA, about 2.1 billion of the 7 billion greeting cards bought per year are holiday cards. With 114 million households in the US, that’s over 18 holiday cards received per household!

So, if you’re the average American household, you’re receiving about 18 holiday cards per year and about 63% of your friends are sending them according to a survey conducted for VistaPrint. So when should you send yours? Well, 43% of holiday card senders buy their cards in November, and 32% buy their cards in October or December. However, if you miss those months, don’t worry, a full 25% of holiday card senders don’t buy their cards until after the holidays, taking advantage of post-holiday card sales.

Many people don’t send holiday cards because they find it so hard to keep up with their friends’ and family’s mailing addresses. If you’re in this situation, point your browser to conXt. We’re your paper address book online and make gathering, updating, and using your contact info fast, simple, and easy. And we’re free!

And finally, with your address book problem out of the way, and despite what everyone else is doing, here’s an industry statistic that makes sense of holiday cards on a more personal level. In a GCA survey, nearly one-third of respondents said they intend to keep their special cards forever! So go ahead, make your holiday cards count and send a memory.

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