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Manage Wedding Guest List with conXt!

One of the new features that we released with our recent beta 3 launch is a tool we have been informally calling the “Contact Request Form”. In short, it works like this:

  1. Import or add the email address for your contacts (from gmail, yahoo, excel, etc). Skip this step if you have already done this because you are a fanatical conXt user!
  2. Send a link to your contacts – it goes out in an email.
  3. Your contacts click the link, fill out a form, and WHAM! Your address book is updated with their most current data.

If you are already a conXt user and you receive one of these requests, just click the ‘connect’ button and your job is done.

We have seen this working really well with engaged people attempting to collect contact information for their wedding guests. ┬áIn this case, an easy option would be to also tag some of your contacts as ‘wedding guest’ (or whatever you like). That way, you can easily pull them up later to see who has filled out the form or not.

But enough chit chat. Here is a short movie showing the Contact Request Form as it is used to collect wedding guest contact info:

Do you know any recently engaged couples that could use some help collecting and managing their wedding guest list? If so, please forward this page on to them!

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