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Create Mailing Labels from Excel

Obviously, you need addresses in order to create mailing labels from Excel. ConXt makes getting mailing addresses for your friends and family easy, and you can either print mailing labels directly from conXt or you can create mailing labels from excel if you want to customize the labels. This works great for personalizing holiday cards, wedding invitations, birthday cards, etc. So, how do you create mailing labels from excel?

If you already have your contacts in Excel, skip this step. Otherwise, export the person or people you’re mailing stuff to from conXt to Excel. To do this, checkbox your contacts, and under ‘more’, click ‘export’.

Make sure the column headers in your Excel sheet (the words in Row 1) are clear and easy to understand. Make sure there are no blank rows or columns. For instance, you could arrange your Excel file to look like this: table of addressesSave the file and close it. Now that you have your addresses formatted, you’re ready to create mailing labels from excel.

To do so, open up Word and navigate to the ‘Mailings’ tab on your ribbon. Under ‘Mailings’, hover over ‘Start Mail Merge’, and click ‘Labels’ (highlighted below).

create mailing labels in excelChoose your label provider and product number (it will be listed on the box your labels came in) and click ‘OK’. create mailing labels in excelIf you can’t see the label gridlines on your Word doc, click the ‘Layout’ button on your ribbon, and then click ‘View Gridlines’. Dashed blue lines now show up on your word doc to show you how your labels will fit on the page.

create mailing labels in excelNow, you need to link the Excel workbook you created to your new Word doc in order to create mailing labels from Excel. Under ‘Mailings’, click ‘Select Recipients’ and then click ‘Use Existing List’. In the dialog box that appears, open up your saved Excel sheet. create mailing labels in excelNow you have a Word doc that looks pretty blank, so it’s time to add the info you need. Your cursor should already be in the first block in the upper left, if it’s not, put it there. Then, start inserting merge fields using the ‘Insert Merge Field’ button under ‘Mailings’ in your ribbon. create mailing labels in excelYou should set up this block the way you want your labels to look. Consider each merge field as a word or phrase. For instance, for the first line of your mailing label, I put in the ‘First_Name’ merge field, hit the space bar, and then clicked to insert the ‘Last_Name’ merge field to put in my recipients’ full names. The same applies to punctuation, for instance commas. This is what my Word doc looks like after I’ve inserted these merge fields: create mailing labels in excelOnce you have your first box worked out, just click ‘Update Labels’ right next to ‘Insert Merge Field’ and all of your labels will now look like your first one: create mailing labels in excelWant to see what your labels look like? Click ‘Preview Results’ and your Word doc will show you what your mailing labels will look like. create mailing labels in excelDon’t like the look? Select all by hitting ‘Ctrl’ and ‘a’ at the same time, and under the ‘Home’ button on your ribbon you can change the font, size, color etc. of your mailing labels just as you would in an ordinary Word doc. You can also insert clip art to spice your labels up a little. When you do though, just be sure to right click the image you put in and change the text wrapping to ‘through’ or the image will displace all your addresses! When you get that first box the way you want it, remember to click ‘Update Labels’ again so that your changes carry throughout all your labels. Here’s what my birthday invitation labels look like this year:create mailing labels in excelTo finish everything off, just click ‘Finish & Merge’ and ‘Print Documents’ and you’re done! Congratulations!

Need more advice on labels or trying to troubleshoot? Leave a comment below, or read Microsoft’s official post here.

by daniel greenberg

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