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What exactly *is* conXt?

conXt is a simple and useful tool for collecting and managing your contacts and their physical and digital contact information. It is independent from any other platform and you can import/export some or all of your contacts at will.

Is my address book private?

Absolutely! We are very serious about respecting your privacy. You contacts and your address book are yours and yours alone. No one can see into your address book and no one will be able to see who you are connected to (if you choose to connect to anyone). Additionally, we will not sell or otherwise provide any information about you or your contacts to any other business or individual, unless you explicitly allow it. Please see our Privacy Policy for the legal version.

Why are you asking me to log in with Facebook?

The Facebook login button is merely a convenience tool so you don’t need to create yet another username and password. If you want to use it, feel free. If not, just sign up using the simple conXt registration form. If you do sign in with Facebook, we do not ask to access anything on your Facebook account. We don’t want to post to your wall or access your info “even when you are not signed in”. At most, we use it to sign you into your conXt account and (if you choose) to pull down your friends’ profile pictures and birthdays in order to match them with your contacts in conXt.

How much does it cost?

During our beta period, and hopefully beyond, conXt is a free service. If you make any ‘in-app’ purchases, such as sending physical mail or purchasing printed mailing labels, then those cost what they cost.

Can I access my contacts anywhere I go?

Definitely! You can access your contacts from any web-enabled device as long as you have an internet connection.

Will my contacts synch with my phone contacts?

We are working on creating a mobile platform that will both allow you to download a stand-alone version of your contacts, within a conXt app, as well as synch both ways with your phone. One thing we want to be careful of is that conXt does not become yet another app that pollutes your phone contacts.

Can I export my contacts?

Yes! Your contacts are yours to do with what you like. You can download them in a .csv format (comma delimited file) that fits gmail, outlook, Hotmail, and conXt. You can also export them in vcard format for macs. Gmail format is very widely accepted if you want to import your contacts into another platform (like theknot.com). The conXt format is very useful in order to share a subset (or all) of your contacts with someone else who uses conXt. For example, if one person in a family takes it up on themselves to collect everyone’s contact information, that person could then send out a csv file in conXt format so that anyone else in the family could import that information.

Can I import my existing contacts?

Yup. As of now you can auto-import from gmail, yahoo, or plaxo. If you are using another platform, like Outlook, Hotmail, or a Mac, simply export a csv file from that platform and then import it into conXt. Here is a short video tutorial of how to accomplish that.

Can I add contacts that are not using conXt?

Of course! conXt will be useful to you even if you never connect to anyone or use any of the advanced features. You can add a single contact manually, or import your contacts from many different platforms.

How does conXt handle duplicate records?

If you import contacts from several different platforms there will be duplicates. conXt handles duplicate records in two ways: auto-merge and manual merge. Whenever you import contacts auto-merge gets called. Auto-merge will attempt to match a record if it shares an identical name and email. They must be exact matches. If it finds an exact match, it will merge the records without deleting any data (unless it is duplicate data). You can also call auto-merge from the ‘more’ button at any time.

Auto-merge won’t always pick up everything; sometimes you have a contact record for the same person with two different emails for instance. In this case, simply select the two (or more) records that you would like to merge. Then click ‘merge contact’ from the ‘more’ menu, and select which contact the others should be merged into. Again, this is a lossless merge, so all data that is not duplicated will be added to the primary record.

How does ‘connecting’ work?

One of the main ideas behind conXt is that everyone should just be responsible for maintaining their own contact info instead of trying to keep track of contact info for hundreds of people. “Connecting” is how we do that.

Connecting works like this: you and ‘Joe’ connect to each other in conXt. When you connect, your contact info is automatically added to Joe’s address book, and Joe’s contact info is added to yours. You can choose to share your personal contact info, your work info, or both, with Joe. When you move/change jobs/get a new email simply change your own contact info in your conXt profile and everyone who you are connected to will immediately see that change reflected in their own address book and be able to use. No muss, no fuss.

What is a ‘Contact Request Form’?

Obviously not everyone you know is going to join conXt, but we still want to make it as easy as possible to get their contact info. Enter the Contact Request Form. As long as you have an email address for a contact you can send them a Contact Request Form (you can also send it to many people at once). When you initiate a Contact Request your contact(s) will receive an email with a note from you and a secure link. They just need to click on the link and fill out their own contact info – this info will be added to your address book, and there is no need for your contact to join conXt if they don’t want to.

I’m sold! So what does it cost?

conXt is very moderately priced at $14.99 for one year of full access. No restrictions.

I’m done with you! Can I get a refund?

We are certainly sorry to see you go, but such is life! If you choose not to use conXt anymore, simply let your subscription run out and your credit card will not be charged again. We do not offer refunds on submitted orders.

Can I pay monthly instead of annually?

At this time we are not set up for monthly orders.

Can I use your address book in my own application?

We are always looking for opportunities to work with quality partners. If you would like to use conXt as a contact repository inside your own application, or if it would make sense to offer conXt users access to their contacts from within your application, please contact us at info@conxt.com.