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Category: startup

Fun at Philly Entrepreneurs Expo

This past thursday conXt, along with 40 other Philly startups, displayed it’s wares to the masses at the Philadelphia Entrepreneurs Expo hosted by phillystartupleaders and organized by Gloria Bell. The event had a very energetic vibe and it was great to see what everyone has… Continue reading

Some user friendly upgrades

I know there has been some confusion around the idea of ‘Shared’ and ‘Private’ contact information and we are making some changes to hopefully clear that up. ‘Shared’ information is information that someone shares with you when you are ‘conXted’ to them. However, even if… Continue reading

The new www site is finally live

Just a quick note tonight. I finally got the conXt ‘www’ site live – you can find it at www.conxt.com. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Or better yet – register to use conXt and then invite your friends/colleagues/family members,… Continue reading

A Short Video Primer on the conXt Address Book

I realize that when I first sent out invitations to conXt that I provided absolutely zero in the way of instructions or support. Thanks to those who plowed ahead anyway! Here is a 3 minute video overview on the various parts of conXt. I will… Continue reading

conXt Beta release available

Finally, the day has arrived that the Beta release of conXt is available. What does the ‘Beta’ mean? It simply means that improvements are happening on a daily basis and that if you are using conXt there may be short periods of unavailability as we… Continue reading

Does the Lack of Public Healthcare Hurt US Startups?

I understand that usually on a blog representing a business one should stay away from any political posts. However, the health care issue currently meandering its way through congress is one that has directly affected my own startup attempts in the past and I am… Continue reading

Step by Step: Creating a Social Media Marketing Command Center

First off, I want to say that I am NOT a Social Media marketing expert. I’m a person who is interested in the topic as it relates to my own endeavors, and I am offering this step by step guide to help anyone else looking… Continue reading

How to Start, Maintain, and Dissolve a Delaware LLC

Over the last several years, I have needed to start several Delaware Limited Liability Companies (LLC), maintain them by paying the annual franchise tax, and, sadly, dissolve some of these entities. Each time I have to do these things, I wind up doing my homework… Continue reading

Welcome to the conXt Blog!

Welcome friends, family, colleagues, and web stumblers. My name is Eric Greenberg, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to conXt! I am an IT Project Manager by day and an IT Project Maniac by night with way to many ideas and way to… Continue reading