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White Pages Mailer Will Sell Your Friends’ Contact Information

Don't Use White Pages Mailer

Do your friends and family a favor – don’t use White Pages Mailer. Not for holiday cards, not for weddings, not for anything. They’ll take your family’s and friends’ contact information and turn around and sell it. White Pages promises to help you get your… Continue reading

Are You Being Pumped for Data by Facebook Apps?

How many times has this happened? You decide to log in to a website or enter a comment using your Facebook credentials, and the Facebook pop up appears and shows you something like this: All I really wanted to do was login to The Mystery… Continue reading

Privacy Settings for Facebook Places

As many of you probably know Facebook has released a new feature called ‘Places‘. The feature is intended to compete with other ‘check-in’ types of services like foursquare, where you basically announce to the world, via your mobile device, ‘I am at such and such… Continue reading