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A helpful holiday card from conXt :)

Easiest free online address book

conXt’s mission is to be the most useful free online address book ever, and there are few times when conXt is more useful than the holidays! We’re so thankful to all of you for using conXt this past year and giving us your feedback. We want to share with you our helpful holiday card showing you all the ways conXt makes getting mailing addresses and sending holiday cards easier:

To see how all this works in a video; check out this great new video voiced by our sister Jewel!

Easiest free online address book
Get addresses easily (clockwise from top left):

  1. Post your personal weblink on Facebook and Twitter, email and text it to contacts, and publish it on your website and business cards. Your contacts click the link, fill out the contact form, and their info is automatically included in your address book!
  2. Connect with those closest to you, and you’ll always have each other’s most up-to-date contact info
  3. Send a ‘contact info request’ to those whose contact info you absolutely need. Works like your personal weblink, plus, you can always see who hasn’t responded yet which makes for easy follow-up.

Use your addresses easily (continued):

  1. Have conXt send your cards: we’ll print and send them to everyone on your holiday card list for less than services like Shutterly
  2. Print mailing labels: Print mailing labels at home and send your cards yourself
  3. Export your holiday card list to a CSV file to use at any online card retailer

All conXt photocards are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paperstock, printed in great quality, and at 8.5 inches long by 4 inches tall are sure to look great on the mantel! Currently, conXt is only able to mail holiday cards to addresses in the United States but can still be used to gather and back-up contact info from anywhere in the world. If you’re still wondering whether to send holiday cards this year read our recent blog post for some industry data :)

As always, thanks for using conXt, and please let us know if you ever have any questions at dan@conxt.com or (301) 300-0110

White Pages Mailer Will Sell Your Friends’ Contact Information

Don't Use White Pages Mailer

Do your friends and family a favor – don’t use White Pages Mailer. Not for holiday cards, not for weddings, not for anything. They’ll take your family’s and friends’ contact information and turn around and sell it.

White Pages promises to help you get your friends’ and family’s addresses, but when you do so (by connecting your Facebook account and asking your friends’ to verify their addresses), White Pages incorporates that personal info into their public database and sells it. I searched the privacy policy on Mailer which is found in tiny type at the bottom of the screen:

White Pages Mailer Privacy Button

I want to make sure that you’re aware of some key clauses in White Pages’ Data Policy. Here’s my understanding of them:

  1. “We collect information that (i) you provide to us or authorize us to collect from your social media account(s)” Every time you import your friends into White Pages Mailer from Facebook, every time you ask them to verify their address, you’re generating personal and private data that you have authorized White Pages to collect.
  2. “We use information to … verify public information and information obtained from other sources”Basically, every time you use White Pages you’re helping them improve their own overarching database of personal contact information.
  3. “We provide access to information to our business users” White Pages then turns around and sells this database of your friends’ and family members’ personal contact information to businesses. What kind of businesses? White Pages suggests customer support centers and corporate fraud departments – but debt collectors, marketers, and other unsavory characters also want this information, and your friends and family won’t thank you for giving it to them.
  4. “The listing appears within your account on Mailer and on WhitePages.com”. That’s right, when you import addresses or ask your friends to verify or update theirs, you’re actually adding their addresses to WhitePages. I doubt they’ll thank you for it, I wouldn’t!
  5. “In order to stop further collection of information by us, you will need to stop using our products and services.” Better yet, don’t ever even start. If you have started using White Pages Mailer, stop.

I’m a co-founder of a free online address book company, that’s obvious. But one of the reasons my brother and I are passionate about conXt is because we want to provide a safe, secure, and private online space that helps you keep in touch with friends and family and takes the work out of managing an online address book – free from these flagrant violations of privacy. White Pages Mailer is none of these things. I’m not telling you to use conXt, but I am asking you not to use White Pages Mailer.

If you have any questions about conXt’s privacy policy, it’s right here, or read the condensed version in our FAQs or feel free to email me at dan@conxt.com

Don't Use White Pages Mailer

Don't Use White Pages Mailer


Take the work out of holiday cards!

conXt enables you to gather mailing addresses effortlessly and helps you use those addresses to print labels at home, send holiday cards through any online retailer or through conXt itself. And it’s free! Running a household has never been easier! Take two minutes to see how we do it :)

Learn all about conXt in less than 5 minutes!

Become an address book pro in under 5 minutes!

Welcome to conXt, we’ve put together three brief tutorials to introduce you to conXt. Spend five minutes watching these videos and be an expert on your household address book for life!

There are six, SIX! ways to gather and keep household contact info up-to-date:

Tag your contacts in conXt to make group communication so much easier:

Here’s a bonus – Take the work out of holiday cards, gather mailing addresses effortlessly, send photocards through conXt, print mailing labels at home, or export your holiday card list to use at any online card provider

Military Family Bloggers – Get in Touch for a Great Giveaway :)

Hi military family bloggers, welcome to conXt – your paper address book online! We’d like to do a product review and giveaway with you, with the value of the offer approaching $140. This is who we are in a nutshell and why we think we’re appropriate for you and a military family audience, or skip reading the rest of this and check out our roadmap

  • Military families move once every two years on average, 2.5 times more often than the average American family, most often due to multiple PCSs
  • Consequently, household address books go out of date quickly
  • conXt makes it easier to be a military family by automatically updating contact info for household contacts in a secure setting, making sure address books never go out of date
  • conXt makes it easier to be a parent by making it easy to organize and communicate with household contacts individually and in groups. Seriously, my co-founder and brother uses conXt all the time to set up play-dates and volunteer activities for his children
  • The address book service is totally free – no strings – and super helpful for holiday card season. Users can print labels for their holiday cards at home, or export their holiday card list to use at any online card provider if they don’t want to use conXt for cards
  • conXt was founded by two sons of an Army pilot who grew up overseas and dealt with this problem frequently

When a family has up-to-date contact information for their family and friends, things like sending holiday cards becomes ridiculously easy. And we can print, stuff, and send them directly to your selected contacts for less than services like Shutterfly. We’d love for you to try conXt and write honest reviews. The only way we’ll improve is through honest feedback from you and your readers. We think what would work best is for you to try conXt with a $70 holiday card offer and then give away a similar $70 offer to your readers. If you have a different idea, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact info below, we’d love to hear from you and are always available to talk. All the best,

Dan Greenberg
(301) 300-0110

Create and Mail Custom Holiday Photocards with conXt and PicMonkey

PicMonkey and conXt, cookies and milk, peanut butter and chocolate, strawberries and cream. All these things go great together, and now the easiest online photo editing tool is paired with the easiest online address book!

For those long-time conXt users, you’ll remember our original tutorial on Picnik and conXt. Well, Picnik was shut down, but PicMonkey is basically the same thing. It’s an online photo editing tool so simple to use that even the most technophobic among us can create attractive images. Couple that with the conXt Custom Card template and you have a match made in heaven. Or at least the ability to create a totally personalized holiday card that we will print, stuff, stamp, and mail to your holiday card list for less than services like Shutterfly!

Below you will find a short tutorial on both how to create a basic holiday photocard using PicMonkey and how to upload your masterpiece into the Custom Card template in conXt so that you can send it out!

PCS Move: Your Guide to All the Permanent Change of Station Tips on the Web!

Your paper address book online!

Anyone who’s gone through a Permanent Change of Station knows that there is more to a PCS than just moving – there’s a new house to make a home, a new community to get to know, and ways to make sure you don’t lose touch with the friends and family at your last duty station. We’ve scoured the web for the best tips, help, and advice on all of this, and posted them here with some helpful words from us!

PCS is hard on a family, particularly families with children. One way to make it easier is to stay in touch with your family’s friends from your old duty station. Facebook doesn’t help as few people post their mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses on the platform, and in the military this contact info changes frequently. Put some plans in place for how you and your children can stay connected to family friends from your old station – for advice on how read our blog post on why it’s hard to stay in touch in the military.

At the same time, get everyone excited to meet new friends at your next station. Ask your sponsor any questions you have, ask them about online groups at your next station that you can join in advance, and don’t be afraid to get involved before you move! Many stations and regions have Facebook groups you can join, and these are great resources. For multiple opinions on your new station, point your browser to Military Duty Stations where you’ll find information on a host of duty stations and can ask questions of the site’s userbase to address any lingering concerns you have.

Of course, part of PCS is moving, and this is a very good checklist for a PCS move. You’ll find tips on how to deal with your movers to both have a smooth move and protect yourself and your property in the event of having to file a claim, as well as what NOT to pack but rather carry with you as some items are needed immediately and are irreplaceable. And for advice on how to file a claim in the event that something does go wrong, as well as other financial tips for a PCS, click this link.

Have any other questions on PCS? Wade through this guide to PCS for additional checklists and advice on moving. And if you have any other tips on PCS or have found any other resources particularly helpful, let us know in the comments section and we’ll include them here!

PCS Tip: The Reason It’s Hard to Stay in Touch in the Military

On average, a family in the military moves about once every two years – most often due to a Permanent Change of Station. That means that military families’ address books quickly go out of date. Just think about it, if you have 12 close family friends in your address book from your last post, and each moves on average every two years, the contact info for one of them will change every two months. Roll that forward and by the time you move to your next station, all of them will have moved as well, and like as not, most of the contact information you have for them will be out of date. And Facebook doesn’t help. I did a recent test of 33 randomly chosen Facebook friends, and only three of them (less than 10%) provided a mailing address, barely a quarter provided an email address, and just a third posted a phone number. If you wanted to send holiday cards, have your children remain penpals, or even just call to say hello it’d be pretty difficult without contact info!

That’s why my brother and I created conXt – your free paper address book online! conXt automatically updates the contact info for everyone in your address book, making sure you always have current contact information for your family and friends. It’s also easy to organize your family’s and friends’ contact information in conXt, for instance, into family groups so you can easily send email updates, into classroom groups so you can coordinate school volunteer activities, into a holiday card list to make that annual chore so much easier, and into emergency contacts so that these are always available. My brother and I grew up overseas around the military and we frequently dealt with friends moving. We hope that conXt will help you stay in touch with yours, and it’s free! Find out more about conXt at http://www.conxt.com/pcs and one of the best PCS tips you’ll get is to sign up for conXt today!

Your paper address book online!

Have Your Contacts Fill Out Their Own Contact Information in Your Address Book

Recently, I created a Facebook post that talked about how I had used conXt to send out Contact Request Forms to about 18 people from my daughter’s class. My wife and I are parent reps for the third grade this year and I thought it would be useful to get a digital address book together for the class.

This post generated some interest so I thought I would make a short 2.5 minute movie of just how easy it actually is to have your contacts fill out their own info in your address book. I used this for organizing a class address book, but the same concept would be applied for collecting addresses for baby showers, wedding invites, sports teams, board meetings, etc.

The best part is that once people respond and fill out their info, you can easily make use of that info to send email, physical mail, find addresses with google maps (just click an address in conXt to open up google maps) and more.

The only conXt tools I used to do it were tags, and Contact Request Forms. Happy Address Collecting!

Gist and connex.io replacement services

As you likely know, both Gist and connex.io have recently decided to shut down service. But you’re in luck, because conXt shares a similar mission – to make connecting with your key contacts faster and easier. conXt offers you the ability to automatically update your contacts, maintain full social media profiles on each one, easy email reminders, and the ability to organize your contacts into useful groups. Join the many small business users already using conXt and let us know what you think! Or, for a quick preview, check out this roadmap on how to use conXt below:

Check out how to use conXt's features