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Posts written by Dan Greenberg

Soocial Alternative: conXt

Welcome Soocial users! While Soocial has shut down, a great, free alternative to Soocial is conXt. conXt offers many of the same great features: the ability to connect with contacts so you always have up-to-date contact info, easy group organization for those poker nights and… Continue reading

Buy, Make, or Handwrite Wedding Address Labels?


Brides agonize over how to do their wedding address labels more than actually getting their wedding addresses. Should you buy, make, or handwrite your wedding address labels? Luckily, you can check out how we’ve made getting wedding addresses easy, so you can spend more time… Continue reading

Wedding Address Etiquette


We’ve made wedding addresses easy to get, but how do you write them on your guests’ invitations? The question of wedding address etiquette is asked often by brides. This is no surprise. In the Dickensian days, gentlemen and ladies of fashion would regularly leave calling… Continue reading

Why is it so hard to get wedding addresses for your invitations? Top 4 Reasons and Solutions!


Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows how frustrating getting wedding addresses for your save-the-dates and invitations can be. One estimate has brides spending 10-15 hours just getting wedding addresses, to say nothing of the fun parts such as designing the invitations, choosing envelopes,… Continue reading

How to use the conxt contact request link to get contact info


Need to fill up your address book from scratch? Use the conXt contact request link. We show you how in the video below:

Create Mailing Labels from Excel

Obviously, you need addresses in order to create mailing labels from Excel. ConXt makes getting mailing addresses for your friends and family easy, and you can either print mailing labels directly from conXt or you can create mailing labels from excel if you want to… Continue reading

Path and the importance of privacy

You have probably heard about how Path uploaded iOS users’ address books to Path’s servers without permission. Path has since updated the app to explicitly ask for this permission, but it was a very creepy invasion of privacy, and understandably a number of bloggers as… Continue reading

The best time of the year to collect addresses is NOW! :)

Holiday Cards

King’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us that means it’s almost time to pull the ornaments off your Christmas tree and take it to the curb. We’re also taking stockings off the wall, coiling miles of blinking lights, and putting… Continue reading

4 Reasons Getting Addresses is Hard, and 8 Ways to Make it Easier!

Easiest Ways to Get Addresses

I recently had the honor of Huffington Post publishing my first guest post. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s hard to get addresses for your wedding, your holiday cards, or any other life situation, read about the four reasons we uncovered in our focus groups… Continue reading

Sync Your conXt Contacts With Your iPhone!

Sync Your conXt Contacts With Your iPhone! Using only conXt, your iPhone, and Gmail The most requested update we get is for the ability to sync your conXt address book and contacts with your smartphone. conXt’s public contact link and contact info request features are… Continue reading