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The best time of the year to collect addresses is NOW! :)

King’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us that means it’s almost time to pull the ornaments off your Christmas tree and take it to the curb. We’re also taking stockings off the wall, coiling miles of blinking lights, and putting it all in boxes to use for next year. But what do you do with all those holiday cards?

You could choose to make permanent holiday card displays until the next holiday season rolls around, or maybe you put everything in a shoebox and save them for posterity. Whatever you do though, make sure you copy down the return addresses off the holiday cards. The best time of year to collect addresses is now before you put all those holiday cards away! And to make sure you have them for next year, be sure to back them up in your free online address book at conXt Happy new year to everyone and thanks for using conXt!

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